I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!

One of my favourite movies is called the Princess Bride staring Cary Elwes and Robyn Wright.  It’s a movie about twue wuv and mawage (no I have not misspelt true love and marriage, if you know of the movie you will understand).  I took lots of photos as I was losing my hair and I cried nearly every time I took the photos because losing my hair symbolised everything that I have lost over the past few years.  When I took the photo below I was shocked at how thin my hair had become but through my tears I began laughing out loud in my bathroom because when I looked in the mirror all I could see was Miracle Max’s wife Valerie when she yells back at him; “I’m not a witch I’m your wife”.

20160311_205152 valerie 20160310_184951

I often wonder if I will ever be a wife again, part of me thinks no bloody way but the other part of me hopes I will find a man who makes me laugh and who is a trustworthy companion to travel through life with. While I wait for him to appear I will continue to laugh at the obstacles which come my way – even if I do see Valerie staring back at me in the mirror sometimes! 🙂

Nose hairs…

When I have a good laugh about something there tends to be a bit of snot which comes flying out of my nose before I can stop it. This is not a new thing, anyone who knows me well has most likely had the pleasure of wiping my snot off their face or arm at some point in our history. Even our courier at work has had my snot on his arm when he made a funny remark as I was signing the dispatch note a couple of years ago.

I was putting my makeup on this morning and realised my nostrils were looking rather naked, after closer inspection I discovered that I only have one hair in the left nostril and three in the other – what the hell?! Does this mean I’m going to be more prone to having hayfever and other allergies because I no longer have my precious little nose hairs to filter out the pollens!?

Google is both amazing and terrifying and according to Google “nasal hair functions include filtering foreign particles from entering the nasal cavity and collecting moisture”. Well I can tell you this, my family and friends are going have the pleasure of being snotted on/moisture from my nose flung upon them due my lack of nasal hair that’s for sure.

Just another joy of being an Alopecian but it isn’t going to stop me from laughing and blowing snot out of my beak – it could be worse – actually it most likely will be worse next time I get a terrible cold so maybe don’t get me laughing during the winter. 🙂

'You're supposed to sneeze on your own elbow.'