Food, shelter and love (and a little bit of money to go exploring).

food susan water

What do we need in life to survive and be happy?  Ask anyone who knows me well and they will tell you that I have always wanted a symmetrical cottage in the country and a 4×4 Ute.  I’ve managed to buy myself a lovely little symmetrical cottage in the country and I have started to save for a Ute.  What have you always wished for?  And why is that so many of us wish for certain things or wish for our lives to be different but yet we don’t do anything to make it happen?
So many people I’ve met over the years have told me what kind of lifestyle they would love to have which may include a sea change, a better car, a more relaxing lifestyle, more time to focus on their hobbies etc. but very few people actually making the changes required to have the life they so desperately crave.  In fact most of the people that I know, who are unhappy with their lives, are spending more money on useless items to fill the house they don’t particularly like (and will most likely never own) in an effort to find happiness.
For the past 23 hours I have had no power and when the power went off statewide an instant quiet came over my town and it was as if the usual groan (which I can always hear from all the technology and resources) gave a huge sigh of relief and everything became deathly quiet.
This morning I wasn’t able to flick on the coffee machine and the toaster instead I went in search of my gas camp stove and cooked some toast over the flame and made myself a cup of tea.  I wasn’t able to watch a movie after dinner and I wasn’t able to use my mobile phone as the battery went flat and there was no service anyway.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed having no power because it forced me to do nothing and made me realize that all I need is food, basic shelter and love.  I have now reached the stage where my kids were trying to get through to me to make sure I was ok – that’s all the love I need in life. I am one bloody lucky woman and I have all that I need (except maybe a bit of hair on my noggin so I actually feel like a woman again!) 🙂