Introducing Maria!

Maria was given to me by my sister on my recent trip to Adelaide, my beautiful sister purchased Maria when she shaved off all her hair to support me when mine was falling out.  I’ve talked about this in a previous post but it still blows me away because I have to admit I don’t think I could have done the same.
My apologies for the stereotypical names that I give my girls but I go with the first name which pops into my head.  Maria reminds me of those lovely Mummas who are short and round and have a huge smile on their face when they are cooking their darlings the yummiest food ever.  I would like to say that when Maria is on my head I make the best Spag Bol but that would be a lie, my ex-boyfriend makes a better Spag Bol than me!
I moved to the country 66 days ago and I am SO glad I have made the move, I actually made scones the other day which is something I haven’t done in years!  A close girlfriend of mind asked me the other day if I am glad I lost all my hair because it gave me the guts to make the move and obtain the lifestyle I’ve always craved.  I told my dear little midget of a friend that she would have to ask me that in 20 years’ time because even though I feel I am the happiest I’ve been in a very long time I still wish I had hair.
It’s strange that losing all my hair gave the courage to quit my secure and well paid job in the burbs, sell my house and move to the country – I feel like the ‘normal’ reaction to something as shocking as finding out that I may be as bald as a bloody badger for the rest of my life would be to stick with what I know rather than make such a huge change on my own.
I only go back to Adelaide to visit my son and the other important people in my life and as much as I love spending time with my loved ones I cannot wait to get back to my quiet little town and my rustic little cottage.  I never loved living in suburbia but I’m now at the point where I find being back in the burbs quite draining.  I find the crowded streets, the bumper to bumper traffic, the noise, the graffiti, even all the signs of items and services for sale quite oppressive and intrusive to my head space.  I know that sounds like I’m being melodramatic but I’ve noticed it’s not until I get to a certain point on the highway where all I can see are paddocks and wide open spaces that I start to relax and breath properly again.
So now that you’ve met Maria and heard how she came into my life I would love to hear about any big changes you’ve made in your life and what gave you the guts to make those changes – feel free to comment below 🙂