Baldilocks gets a new hairdo!

I live in a country town which has less than 600 people and I think I have a few of the towns folk confused because sometimes I am wearing Raquel, Juliette, a scarf, a beanie, a straw hat and when I’m in my backyard (which has low fences so anyone passing by can see me) nothing on my head at all. I’ve had a few people say things like; “oh you’re the person who walks your dog around the town, I didn’t recognise you today”. Sometimes I explain that I have quite a few wigs which give me a completely different look but sometimes I just leave them to wonder if they are going insane.

Juliette was an impulse buy before I left suburbia and she has been a good wig considering the old girl only cost $110 but she’s looking a bit worse for wear now and I was due for another Bupa rebate so today Mum and I made a trip to Bonnie’s Wigs to find a new girl. Ginger cost me $500 but again I got $450 back from Bupa. I’m still waiting for my human hair wig to arrive from Melbourne but Ginger is already proving to be much more comfortable than Juliette as she’s a handmade wig with a lace cap.  Thank you Karen (from Bonnie’s Wigs) for your patience while I tried on numerous wigs today and for giving her a trim to suit my massive noggin.

Ginger has given me that feeling I used to get after spending a few hours with my gorgeous hairdresser but I still wish I had my own hair on my head.  I feel bad complaining about being a Baldilocks especially as there are people with serious health issues and I don’t like to complain about some of the difficult things I’ve experienced over the past 5 years either but bloody hell I am so glad we don’t know what’s just around the corner.

On a positive note I am saving hundreds of dollars each year not having a single hair on my body!! I used to buy quality shampoo, conditioner, conditioning mousse, Argon oil, regular colours and cuts, bobby pins, hair ties, pretty things to put in my hair, shavers, shaving cream, regular eyebrow wax and eyelash tints! Having said that; I never thought I would long for that little goat hair that used to grow out of my chin but my gosh, I would cry for joy if that bastard ever made a comeback!!

Anyway girls, I think the moral of this story is enjoy, love and embrace everything about yourself including those stubborn little goat hairs you have on your chin because things can change in the blink of an eye. And make sure you encourage, support, compliment, praise the women in your life because we never know what’s just around the corner and we need all the love and support we can get. Love, Baldilocks. xx