My therapist, I mean my hairdresser is the best.

I purchased Goldilocks from the USA when I first lost my hair but I wasn’t expecting her to turn up looking like shit so I dropped her at my hairdressers and said I’d pick her up when she looked less freaky.  It took a few months for me to get back to Adelaide to pick Goldilocks up and this past weekend I got to spend an hour with my hairdresser – she is one of the most delightful women I know.

Sam is not only the best hairdresser in the south (sorry Kazzy, you definitely come in a very close second) she is warm, generous, funny, a great mum and just a superb human being.  Since my hair fell out in March 2016 I have missed my therapy sessions with Sam – the topics we girls can cover in the space of a couple of hours is astounding and when you spend time with women like Sam you walk away feeling like you’ve had a chat with a bloody good shrink.

I would never make a good hairdresser because I wouldn’t want to touch people’s heads all day and I also could not spend all day listening to people talk shit (I would probably slap most of my clients up the back of the head every time they said something stupid) so I have always appreciated the lovely hairdressers I’ve had in my life and I think you girls deserve a medal for being so patient and being able to listen to people like me waffle on and have a good whinge about life, men, kids etc… love ya Sammy girl and I hope one day you will be able to fix up my hair without me having to hang on to the bloody wig so it doesn’t fall off while you’re trimming it.