Suzi has arrived but I have a burnt heed!!

In January this year I made at trip to Melbourne with my Ma to order my human hair suction wig and she has finally arrived.  As you know I like to name all my wigs and this one is called Suzi.  Suzi has been ordered to match the hairstyle that I had before the bloody alopecia turned me into a nude nut.  Also since moving to the Southern Flinders Ranges I have become Suzi after one of the gorgeous girls at work asked if she could call me Suzi when I told her I don’t like to be called Sue. 🙂

I have been waiting for Suzi to arrive for a very long time but I’m not sure I will get to wear her straight away because yesterday I spent the day in the garden and didn’t realise the sun was burning my heed, life is never straightforward aye!

The moral of this story is don’t go ‘nude nut’ on warm days, somethings are worth the wait (I LOVE Suzi-girl, she is definitely my new favourite) and most importantly be thankful for what you have because it could be gone tomorrow but even if you do lose something that’s important to you, you will be ok. xx