Bald girls are sexy!


Self-pity is an emotion I refuse to entertain however there have been times where I’ve felt sorry for myself because I have a hard-boiled egg for a noggin. I am a deep thinker and an over thinker so sometimes it’s difficult not fall into a ‘poor me’ train of thought when life becomes tough.

When I lost all my hair I knew if I could fully accept the new me I would reach an extraordinary level of authenticity which would be almost dangerous (in an exciting way). I was very honoured to be asked to share my story at the South Australian Alopecia Open Day this month and it was amazing to meet other women who are on a similar journey to me and to hear their stories. One thing I noticed is how raw, honest and real the women are that I met. Having a disease that is difficult to hide and leaves you feeling very naked and exposed and it either makes or breaks you.

Speaking of being naked and exposed (insert evil snort here) almost 8 weeks ago I met a man who has made my negative self-doubt about my appearance disappear. This man has been able to see past my bald head and for some crazy reason thinks my bald head is sexy! I never thought that would be possible but this fella has transformed my way of thinking about my baldness – I am very quickly starting to realise that bald girls are sexy and I no longer feel sorry for myself, I feel sorry for you hairy chicks instead!!

I recently participated in a Mindful Movement and More session at wellness retreat out my way. The session included yoga, meditation, qi-gong and positive reinforcement and as well as enjoying the benefit of time to clear the mind of negative shit I was introduced to a song I’d never heard before by Robbie Williams called Love my Life. I am very happy with my new life in the country but I never thought I would be able to fully love my life until my hair grew back but I am SO past that feeling.

I challenge you to listen to this song every night as you fall asleep for a week and tell me that it doesn’t inspire you to change your life (if you don’t already love your life) and I would be very surprised if you don’t end up fully believing that you are powerful, you are wonderful, you are beautiful and you are free!!

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