Suzi passed the test!

I was told when I ordered Suzi that I would be able to wear her whilst swimming. Yesterday I was minding my own business chatting to a friend by the local pool when all of a sudden I found myself being shoved into the water by a friends son!! Good old Ned thought it would be a good idea to see if the wig comes off in the pool. My sunnies came off as I was flung into the water but Suzi-girl stayed nice and snug on my noggin, I love her even more than I did before!

I love the cheeky look on Ned’s face in this photo, he is a funny, helpful, hardworking little farmer in training and he has wicked sense of humour just like his Mum and his Dad who suggested the trial of Suzi. And I love the innocent curiosity of kids so when Ned’s sister Lexy asked if she could try on my wig I was quite happy to expose my bald head at the swimming pool so she could try it on. This isn’t the first time Ned and Lexy have seen me without a wig and it won’t be the last and I love how kids ask the kind of questions that adults want to ask but have been trained not to.

Anyhoo, if you are considering purchasing an Angel Wig, I highly recommend them and I can promise you that even if you are forced into the water your wig will not come off. Thanks Ned for proving to me that Suzi is the best wig ever 🙂