Love thy neighbor




I received a message this week from a lovely young woman who wanted to let me know that she loves the real-ness of my blog and the fact that I am trying to carve out a life for myself and trying to make my own joy (as opposed to needing a man to bring that joy into my life). This gorgeous girl encouraged me to keep writing and keep “doing my shit” 🙂 The message came on a day that I was feeling a bit down because I am desperate to move away but there are things that need to be done before I can.

My parents and my daughter have been helping me get my house ready for sale. The cottage is looking rather cute and I’ve had a few nights where I’ve thought about building an extremely high fence and staying where I am. Today as my dad was repairing the floorboards he found an old newspaper from 1952 and one of the main stories had the title LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. The newspaper article was about a fella called ‘Syd’ who was charged with indecent language towards his neighbour. His plea was that he was intoxicated at the time but yes he may have erred in his choice of words – I love Syd!!

How ironic that I am preparing to leave my cottage (in order to have peace, privacy and the fresh start I have been craving) and my Dad finds a newspaper article about loving thy neighbour! I was brought up in a cult so have heard that phrase many many times but it is a command that is easier said than done.

I believe everything in life happens for a reason and maybe there is a much bigger reason as to why I was not mean to settle in this region – I have no idea what that is but I am keen to up-sticks and see what lies ahead… I just hope I can get moving soon otherwise I may end up like Syd – who was found drunk sitting on his bed when the Constable went to confront him about his indecent language towards his neighbour. 🙂