Perfect hair vs Perfect head?


I often ask myself what matters most in life, what can I live without to make my life more simple? At the moment I’m trying to decide if having a mortgage again is worth it to be near the sea or if I’d rather move back to the Mid-North in order to have the freedom of no debt. I live a very basic life, my motto is the less I consume the less I have to work. I prefer to burn candles than electricity, I prefer to put up with the heat or the cold than have large electricity bills, I hate shopping and I will never have an expensive car because I don’t want a car loan. Call me an unmotivated lazy git I don’t mind cos I’m happy with the basics in life.

However, if I had to choose between perfect hair or having my perfect head constantly exposed and challenged, I hate to admit it but most days I would choose the more shallow and superficial option. I try to convince myself that hair is a ‘basic’ item that I simply do not need and as you can see from my t-shirt hair was something the man upstairs invented for you poor suckers who have awful shaped heads but it is still something I wish I had, damn it!!!

Funny thing is, I feel I have become more appreciative of the important things in life since losing my perfect hair so why is it we put so much emphasis on how we look!? We can blame the media, the celebrities but in reality we are our own worst enemy and it’s time to go back to basics, not just in everyday living but in the way we see ourselves and what’s really important.

Enjoy, celebrate and embrace your shell (no matter how imperfect you think it is) cos it’s what allows you to spend time with your loved ones, it allows you to walk through the forest, it allows you to share a good meal with mates, it allows you help others and it allows you to feel the joy these basic but amazing experiences bring. xx

what’s important?

I live for moments with my favourite human beings and this past weekend I was fortunate enough to spend 3 full days with one of my most favourite human beings but the flip side of that is I feel sad when I drive away from my baby girl, yes I am becoming a soppy emotional fool and I make no apologies for that – tears, sadness, disappointment are emotions I have learnt to embrace.

As I was driving through the area I used to live yesterday I felt sad, I smiled at the thought of happy memories and the new friendships I made, I felt angry, I felt ripped off, I felt determined and I felt proud of myself for making a dream come true – if my car had an emotion gauge it would have been all over the fucking joint. It took me 3 years to work out where I wanted to live when my son left home and I started with a simple list which said – get the hell out of the suburbs and get rid of the mortgage. I carefully researched all the areas in South Australia and once I decided Laura was the town for me I made it happen. As I drove through that area yesterday I felt annoyed with myself for not sticking to my guns about contact with Ex’s when a relationship is over.

I have learnt a lot about myself through that experience and where I am living now is beautiful, the beach is 3kms away and the climate is cooler (which is great for us beautiful baldies who effectively wear a hat all year round) but… yes there’s a but… I feel like I’m back in the burbs, there aren’t enough wide open spaces and unless I rent for the rest of my life I will have a mortgage again. So I’m back to researching areas that are quiet, isolated, cheap but nice and not too far from the humans I love. What’s the moral of this story/blog post? I have no fricking idea other than to stay; stick to your guns on things that are important to you, make your dreams a reality – even if it takes a few goes! Make sure you allocate time to spend with the humans you love and don’t forget to let your favourite humans know how much they mean to you. xx