trailer loads of shit…


A lot has happened since my last post; I found out that I was no longer required at my job, I’ve had two separate failed contracts on my cottage and I started my studies in Aged Care. But the clever north wind has a way of guiding us to where we need to be and yes I am aware that it has blown me around quite a bit of late however I feel lucky that I can up-sticks and go wherever I need to be at any given time.

The past 6 months in this town have been worthwhile, enjoyable and another interesting learning curve for me. I’ve spent most Saturday nights eating the most delicious Italian food and sharing a glass of wine with friends. I’ve spent hours stomping the sand (which has helped reduce my fat arse somewhat), I’ve enjoyed breathing in the incredibly clean fresh air, I’ve seen more of my son and my sister and I’ve started studying which is something I’ve talked about doing for over a decade.

I think the two failed contracts on my cottage were a sign from above that I am meant to return to it and enjoy my virtually cost free existence there. I am not sad that I’ve had 6 months away from my humble little abode because it has given me the emotional disconnect from an ex-boyfriend that I should have made happen two years ago. This experience has also taught me that I cannot have a mortgage, debt makes me anxious so I dare say I shall be living in my cottage until they shove my fat arse into a crematorium until my children can afford to fly to Scotland and sprinkle my ashes around Aberdeen.

My parents have lived in the same house for over 40 years and tried to bring us up in a stable and consistent household however it seems my sister, my daughter and I all have gypsy bloody flowing through our veins, when the clever north wind blows, it gets us every time! My parents hate change, we love it!!! On that note, I must go haul my 3rd trailer load of shit back to my cottage. Bye for now… who knows where I will be writing my next blog post from but I can assure you I will have met more interesting characters and have more memories to hold on to from my gypsy wanderings.