when your arse gets stuck in the fence!


I’ve been babysitting my daughters’ dogs this past month and during our walk the other day we came across a sheep who was unfortunately on the wrong side of the fence. My daughters’ dogs are working dogs who are trained to round up sheep, I tried to stop them, I gave myself a sore throat screaming at them but with no luck… Jim & Bess chased the poor bugga and brought it to me!

The dogs kept the sheep standing near me for a minute and then the fat sheep took off towards the fence which did not have a gate, it did not have an opening or any possible way the daft sheep was going to be able get back to its friends. Of course the bloody sheep got its massive arse stuck in a very small opening of the fence!! By this stage Jim, Bess & Hudson (he felt like part of the team and was loving it) were barking at this poor sheep who was kicking and shitting all over my boots. There was no way this sheep was going to get its fat fluffy arse through the fence without human intervention, so I squeezed the sheep butt cheeks together whilst trying to squish down the wool and finally shoved its fat arse and then legs thru the fence.

As I chased the dogs back to the ute, in hope of kicking their arse, I started laughing at what had just happened. There have been many many times where I have been where that poor sheep just was, we cannot go through life without our arse getting stuck in the fence, sometimes we will shit ourselves, sometimes we will keep fighting to free ourselves and sometimes we just give up and have a rest in that difficult place. I’m lucky to have incredible family and friends who have never left my arse stuck in the fence and I think if we learn and become stronger individuals from our ‘arse stuck in the fence’ moments then we’re doing ok. xx

rain on a tin roof…

Nothing beats the sound of rain on a tin roof, especially when you know it means you probably won’t get a water bill for another year. When I’m sitting on the crapper I can hear the rain trickling into my rainwater tank and it always brings a smile to my face. You probably don’t need an image of a mad baldie sitting on the crapper with a grin on her face but hey it’s something that brings me great joy!

I live in a farming town and as I walk my dog along the dirt roads it saddens me to see the crops looking so dry and small for this time of year. My heart goes out to our farmers who are doing it tough and I admire the resilience they have because some of them haven’t had decent rain for years.

Speaking of doing it tough… I’m not one for TV but I have been watching a few shows on the ABC of late and last night’s episode of Four Corners was particularly interesting to me. I’ve only been working in Aged Care for four weeks so I don’t feel I have the right to comment on the industry but what I will say is even though I am one of those “untrained” workers I love my job. I’ve always had a soft spot for the elderly, they are interesting, funny and resilient and in my opinion they possess a strength of character and morals that are hard to find nowadays.

I love listening to their stories of working on farms, raising their children, husbands going off to war and hearing about the difficult things they have endured. But I also love the fact that some of the residents have no filter anymore and say whatever they like. Today as I was serving morning tea my favourite resident was following me around, he finally sat down and let me make him a cuppa but after just one sip of his cup of tea I was promptly told it taste like fucking shit. His comment has brought a smile to my face all day.

So whether it be rain on a tin roof, working in a job that makes you smile or being with people who leave you feeling refreshed and better about life, I hope you’re able to smile about the little things because they are often what bring huge amounts of joy. xx