don’t forget the bloody tag!


Today is Melbourne Cup day and to be honest, I’ve never put money on a horse and I believe every time a horse has to be put down so should the rider because the jockey choses to risk his life but the horse doesn’t get a choice.  I do however like an opportunity to frock up, to have a parmie at the pub and catch up with the cool chicks in Laura. This morning as I was getting ready for lunch I took some photos to send to my daughter because I was borrowing one of her fascinators… and guess what, I almost did it again!! I almost went out with the bloody tag still attached to the wig!!

It reminds me of the day I met a good mate in town to buy my first wig, we met at the Malls Balls and I had about 15 strands left of my gorgeous hair, when I saw Tricia I burst into tears because I felt like shit. Tricia hugged me and said we can stand here and cry or we can go and get you a wig. I had the best day trying on wigs, having lunch, chatting about life and just before we parted ways we went to the ladies for a pee… as Tricia came out of the cubicle she started laughing because I’d spent the entire afternoon strutting around Rundle Mall feeling like a million bucks with my new wig not realising the tag had been sticking out the back!!

The moral of this story is don’t forget to cut of the tags when you’ve bought a new wig but also don’t forget how much laughter, deep connections and pure joy can be found in the fucking awful times. I used to tell my kids you can either laugh at the tough times or sit in the fucking corner and rock, I know what I’d prefer to do… and next year I’m hoping to be really brave and win the best fascinator prize again but this time with no wig on – if I could do that I’d really feel like a million bucks! xx