H.T.F.U. suzi-girl!!

It seems when I’m having a shit/emotional day I get inspired to blog. Yesterday was an emotional day for me, it was probably a combination of having pmt, a week of 40+ degree weather, and the fact that it’s usually in the middle of summer when I have a mini-meltdown about being a bald fucker! I never wore hats or beanies when I had my own hair and now I am effectively wearing a tight swim cap and a beanie in 45 degree weather all day, every day.

The photos in this post say it all, the first one is my gorgeous hair, the 2nd one is when I’d lost half of my hair so I went to my favourite spot in SA to grieve and say goodbye to the girl who I knew was soon to be gone forever. The third photo is a bit tragic and I’m a bit embarrassed to post it because I’m usually pretty good and putting things into perspective but I was a right sooky-sooky-laala that day. I felt so lost, sad, gutted and I didn’t know how I was going to reinvent myself yet again.

Almost three years later, I cannot believe how much life has changed since I lost my favourite part of my femininity but I have to say that most of the time (except in the middle of summer when I’ve had enough of wearing hot sweaty wigs) I’m pretty bloody chuffed about all the changes I’ve made in my life since that day. I left the suburbs/got rid of the mortgage, I’m finally working a job that I love, I’m about to start my training in Nursing and as an Ambo officer.  Over the past few years I have learnt that no matter what life throws at me I will survive or I will die ungracefully with my middle finger in the air but with my head held high because I did all I could to make the most of the life I have been given 🙂