precious times

The past 8 days have been a tad hectic… 8 days of being in the big smoke, 8 full days of training in an field that is completely foreign to me, 8 days of hanging out with a bunch of strangers, many nights of catching up with very dear family and friends and I was reminded yet again that there is SO much to learn, so many amazing humans to meet, so many precious precious times to be had.

I had dinner one night with a new SAAS friend who has her own incredible story to tell, dinner with two old mates who I’ve known for 25 years, dinner with a mate I’ve known since year 8 at school, dinner with my son who is an incredible man, a brief catch up with my gorgeous gutsy girl who was in the big smoke for 24 hours, dinner with my parents who have been together for 49 years next and still thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

As I drove home to my beautiful little quiet town on Saturday night I felt tired but invigorated, my brain was fried but I was excited about all the things I have and will learn as part of my role within SA Ambulance Service, I felt overwhelmed about the assignment that is due tomorrow but lucky that at the age of 45 I have the option of doing a 360 and completely change my career.

As my Pa would say, what’s the moral of this story? I reckon the message is, life is what we make of it, you can completely change your life, yes it may be exhausting at times but it can be so bloody rewarding too. Now back to reality… two more questions in this assignment and I will be one step closer to becoming an Enrolled Nurse which will open up more doors to meeting amazing people and more unique experiences. Cheers to that aye!