last post

I started this blog when I became a bald f@cker five years ago, it has been a place where I’ve been able to express my feelings, have a laugh about how ridiculous life can be and I’ve always felt better for putting my words into print, my blog has been a place to unpack my pain and leave it here.

As you’ve probably worked out, I love change, I get bored very quickly, I love meeting new people, I love moving house, towns, jobs and I am happy to admit that I must have gypsy blood in me because the minute I am unhappy with anything in life I move on.

Eight months ago I got my dream job in Aboriginal Health, turns out there’s no job security at the place where I work so I applied for another job working at the Quorn, Port Augusta and Hawker Hospitals and found out today that I got that job with SA Health which means unless I really stuff up I have a full time permanent job for life.  What’s funny about this is when I was dating a fella many years ago who lived in Hawker I took him to the Hospital for an appointment and as we drove into the car park I had a premonition (which for me, is when a completely illogical thought pops into my head that makes no sense at all, it happens quite a bit to me and always ends up coming true) the premonition was, “I’m going to work at this hospital one day”.  The reason this was so illogical is because at the time I was living near Moana Beach south of Adelaide and even though I hated city living I hadn’t thought about leaving the big smoke, I was managing one of the Faculty Offices at Flinders University and hadn’t even thought about studying to become a nurse. 

It was 28 years ago that I got married which I thought would be for life, it was 26 years ago that I had my beautiful baby girl, it was 24 years ago that I had my massive handsome son, it was 10 years ago that my husband told me he’d been having an affair for months, it was 5 years ago that I lost all my hair and left Adelaide for good, it was 1 year ago that I graduated as nurse.  I hope I get to live long enough to laugh and cry at many more momentous occasions in life, I know some will be grand, some will be awful and knowing me there will be loads more changes before I kick the bucket.  I hope my last blog post will encourage you to keep chipping away at your dreams, don’t doubt the premonitions/weird-arse thoughts that pop into your head and finally…. fuck you alo-fucking-pecia you didn’t defeat me, you made me stronger!! 🙂