quandongs and gin

It’s funny how scents, songs and certain sights transport us back to happy or sad times. The road I take to work each day is lined with Quandong trees and I cannot stop the smile that comes across my face when I see the brilliant wild peach hanging off the trees at this time of year.

There are many reasons why I grin when I see the gorgeous bright red bush tucker hanging from those trees, one is their brilliance that stands out from the dry landscape, another is their resilience to grow and look so bloody beautiful in such a harsh climate, another reason is the memories of when and where I first learnt about Quandong trees in Hawker, SA and the main reason I grin like a right daft bitch is because I love where I live. Don’t get me wrong, if I won lotto I would move to the coast immediately, but I am very glad I left the madness of Adelaide and created a new life for myself out in the Mid-North.

Life can be absolute shit sometimes but it can also be filled with amazingly happy moments where you’re unable to wipe the smile off your face. This week has been exhausting, I’ve worked 6 days (my choice, not looking for sympathy) but as the week draws to an end and I enjoy a G&T on the back verandah with Hudo by my side I am a happy daft bitch who is pleased about where her life is headed and who will continue to smile at the beautiful red Quandongs as I drag my sorry arse to work again tomorrow morning in pursuit of my gypsy dream.

3 thoughts on “quandongs and gin

  1. This girl has always been a dreamer and ambitious. She has achieved a lot in her 30 yrs of working.She started working in coles before leaving school,had great office job’s after that.I remember when she came to me at fifteen and a half and said I am going to leave school,I said your not unless you get a full-time job. Sure enough thats what she did.THE POWER OF ONE.love you 😍😁

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