I’m not a witch, I’m your wife!

One of my favourite movies is called the Princess Bride staring Cary Elwes and Robyn Wright.  It’s a movie about twue wuv and mawage (no I have not misspelt true love and marriage, if you know of the movie you will understand).  I took lots of photos as I was losing my hair and I cried nearly every time I took the photos because losing my hair symbolised everything that I have lost over the past few years.  When I took the photo below I was shocked at how thin my hair had become but through my tears I began laughing out loud in my bathroom because when I looked in the mirror all I could see was Miracle Max’s wife Valerie when she yells back at him; “I’m not a witch I’m your wife”.

20160311_205152 valerie 20160310_184951

I often wonder if I will ever be a wife again, part of me thinks no bloody way but the other part of me hopes I will find a man who makes me laugh and who is a trustworthy companion to travel through life with. While I wait for him to appear I will continue to laugh at the obstacles which come my way – even if I do see Valerie staring back at me in the mirror sometimes! 🙂

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