On the road again…

It’s been three weeks since I moved to the Fleurieu Peninsula and this spot is perfect; the beach is minutes from my rental, the climate is superb, all necessary facilities and services are within a 30 minute drive which makes life easy but…. yes there is a but… I’m bored and I need an adventure.

I’ve applied for a few jobs in the past week but most of them would be just another boring job and I’m tired of boring jobs, I’ve spent the last 30 years doing what’s required of me but surely there’s more to life than that?! One of the jobs I applied for since moving here was a Governess job on a cattle station 360 kms south of Katherine. I’ve never been a Govi before but since spending time with my mates kids in the Flinders Ranges I’ve realised I like little kids, I think it’s the maternal cluckyness that kicks in when you’re ready for grandkids.

I was chatting to my sister this week about the fact that ever since my family was destroyed by infidelity my children and I have no sense of belonging and it’s very noticeable on occasions like Easter and Christmas, our house used to be the place where everyone gathered and I bloody loved it. It makes me sad for my kids because they lost their sense of belonging too. My son has created a fabulous supportive/family network at his church and work at Victor Harbor and now that he has a gorgeous girl in his life (who comes from a loving family) he has a family environment again and I am so happy for him and proud of the man he has become despite everything he’s lost. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to my girl and I’m convinced she has gypsy blood flowing through her veins just like her Ma. She will settle when she meets a good man and creates her own family but in the meantime she is living life to the fullest with all sorts of interesting experiences and I love the gutsyness of my little runt.

I need to turn the sad fact that I have no sense of belonging into an opportunity where I am free to be a gypsy and meet all sorts of weird and wonderful characters along the way. South Australia will always be my home and I will settle here again once I’ve had enough of being a gypsy but until then – record levels of humidity in 60 years, isolation, scorpions, crocodiles and death adders here I come!!

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