While I was taking a break from the suffocating proximity of an ex-boyfriend which was messing with my head I spent a lot of time at Normanville beach stomping the sand. One day as Hudson and I were walking along I passed an old couple who were clinging on to each other for dear life, they were deep in conversation, possibly about the new hips they need, possibly about the fact that their hearing aids just weren’t do the job anymore and possibly reminiscing about times gone by. The old girl had more goat hairs on her chin than the feral goats that greet you as you’re coming into Broken Hill (yes I may be jealous that she had more hairs on her chin than I have on my entire body) but my point is she looked every bit her age yet her husband was listening intently to her with love, interest and a soft caring look in his eye.

There aren’t very many things that make me jealous in life but two things that get me every time are people who can afford to have acreage and a horse and people who have been in long term relationships that seem to be loving and happy. Having said that, I’ve met very few people whose relationships I admire, however my parents have been married for 47 years… they’ve had their fair share of difficult times and heartache but I never heard them fight when I was growing up, I often and still hear them laughing and they genuinely enjoy each other’s company. I always thought I’d be one of those people but at the ripe old age of almost 45 I’m starting to think I may not be one of the lucky ones. Am I sad about that? Sometimes and sometimes I hope that I will find someone to share the next 45 years with but most of the time I’m happy on my own.

I think it’s really important to make our own joy and to be happy alone rather than stay in miserable relationships that are toxic, harmful and without respect. But I also think we can learn a lot from the previous generation who seem to know how to make relationships last the test of time. Working in Aged Care has really made me realise what is important at the end stages of life, the people I care for who seem to be the happiest are the ones who have had meaningful relationships whether it be with their children, their friends or their life partners. I know for certain that when I’m getting close to falling off my perch I am going to have tons of beautiful memories to keep a smile on my face because even though I haven’t met my soul mate I have met some amazing people who are a complete treasure to spend time with. Cheers to growing old, fat and content whether it be with some old geeza by your side or alone with all the great memories of people met along the way, unique experiences and magical places visited. xx

2 thoughts on “love

  1. June Murray

    Suez can you use your blog and start writing your life story,i know it’s more or less your story but it needs to be put into a book form.Maybe in your spare time maybe next year you should go and do a writing course,it would be a best seller.
    You are not old and falling off your perch.You have grandkids to look forward to.Lots of places to go, things to do.
    Glad you had a spell down south,we are happy you are back in your beautiful cottage,we dont know many folk that own there own home and are not in debt.You are in a good place in your life.And I am sure there are many good times ahead.
    Enjoy each day as it comes with your crazy dog.You have lots to look forward to,
    Grandkids,holidays.And perhaps meeting the man you want to share all that with.
    Love you heaps.

    Ma and Da x

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    1. Writing a book is on my list of things to do 🙂 And yes I have loads to look forward to (getting old and falling off my perch doesn’t bother me) and I’m not worried if it’s with an old geeza by my side or alone – I will be happy either way! xx


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