I don’t get to see my babies very often at the moment, my little baby girl is currently working in the N.T. and my big handsome son lives and works at Victor Harbor but I think of my babies every single day. They are my best achievement, they make me so proud, they make me laugh, they’ve made me cry and I could kill with my bare hands if anyone hurt them.

I didn’t read any parenting books when my babies were growing up I just went with my gut when it came to trying to help them grow into decent human beans. I’m not saying my kids are perfect but I am very proud of the adults they have become. The one thing I wanted them to learn is not to give a shit what other people think of them. When my daughters’ two best mates from her school days said at her 18th birthday party that Em taught them not to give a shit what others think I felt SO proud, it brought a tear to my eye – I have done my job! Some may say that I should have been teaching them morals, kindness, work ethic, how to love another human being etc but I hope they learnt those things from how I live my life… in my opinion, being able to say “I don’t give a shit” and really mean it is a much harder thing to learn.

Having babies can be rather freaky cos it’s like looking in the mirror and sometimes that ain’t so good!! However I am glad that both of my babies say “I don’t give a shit” in the exact same way as I do (and I don’t just mean how we say it as if it’s all one word) they can say it and really mean it and that makes my heart sing. ❤

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