Raquel is a bitch!!

I often walk past Raquel (who when I don’t need her sits quietly on her stand in the bathroom) and tell her she’s a bitch for making my head itchy and hot and for giving me a headache by sitting snuggly on my head all day while I’m at work.

Raquel was with me on my recent road trip to the Victorian High Country and she was as boring as bat shit on the 13 hour drive! Not once did she make an effort to sing along to the new cd I bought especially for the trip, not once did she offer to drive to give my back a break and not once did she respond to the comments I made about the beautiful countryside or the quaint little cottages along the way.

Raquel was my first wig and she cost me $500 from Bonnies Wigs in the Adelaide Arcade, which has been helping women feel girly again since 1968. My girlfriend Tricia took me wig shopping and as soon as we spotted Raquel in the shop we both knew she was the one for me. I walked into Bonnie’s Wigs with hardly any hair and feeling like crap but I walked out of Bonnie’s Wig with a huge smile on my face and I felt like a million dollars.

Tricia and I then had lunch together and discussed life, work, our kids, we laughed about our beloved pooches and then went to Bupa to hopefully get some money back from the new wig purchase. We were expecting to get maybe $100 back from my health fund but within three hours Bupa had refunded $450 back into my bank account! So in reality Raquel is cheap tart who is only worth $50 so I’ve decided to replace her… Rapunzel is on her way from China!!

road trip
Raquel on my recent road trip – boring as bat shit she was!
raquel on the dash
Raquel on the dash where she is flung at the end of every work day.

2 thoughts on “Raquel is a bitch!!

  1. Tricia White

    Poor Rachel – been set aside already for a newer “you beaut” model! Hope Rapunzel can put a huge big smile on your “baw heed” (as we say in Scotland) as “poor old Rachel” did that day we went shopping 🙂 Is Rapunzel the one you will choose to wear when you do the picking up of the poops out in the backyard or is that “poor old Rachel’s” job now?

    Can’t wait to meet Rapunzel xx

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