a dogs life…

As I sit by the fire trying to study before heading to night shift tonight I cannot help but be jealous of Hudson’s life. He spends all of his days either lying by the fire (and he has 4 fire areas to choose from at this pyromaniacs house) or out the back in the sun while I have full time nursing study, full time work, trying to attend Ambo training and finish my Ambo’s Cert 2 in order to actually be a useful volunteer for SAAS!

I don’t like having a busy life but at the moment it’s a tad hectic and this week it’s getting me down. I think stress is the biggest kill factor when it comes to the human body and since losing my hair I have done all that I can to avoid stress and for me that means soaking in my quirky outdoor bath tub, sitting by the fire inside with a good book or walking my fat lazy dog.

I am very grateful for friends who know when you’re feeling overwhelmed and ask what the hell is going on? It’s amazing how much better you feel when someone asks that question and knows you well enough to know you’re feeling like shit.

In the meantime I will keep plodding on with my annoyingly busy life until the middle of next year where I will be spending more time lying in front of the fire like my lazy bloody dog! And hey, lets not forget how important it is ask if someone is ok. xx

One thought on “a dogs life…

  1. tricia

    You go girl! You have always taken on the challenges that life throws at you. You are allowed to feel sad or overwhelmed – it’s a part of life, but you ALWAYS pick yourself up and get on with it. Luv ya xx


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